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The claim is being brought by Ad Tech Collective Action LLP – a limited liability partnership that has been incorporated to manage the claim against Google. The members of the partnership are Claudio Pollack, Charles Arthur and Kate Wellington.

Humphries Kerstetter LLP is a modern City law firm, specialising in the resolution of complex commercial disputes by litigation and arbitration. Serving both corporate and individual clients based in the UK and overseas, the firm operates out of the heart of Legal London, close to the Commercial Court and the international dispute resolution and arbitration centres. Humphries Kerstetter is perfectly placed for this case, with a prestigious reputation in the field of class actions and collective redress. The firm is particularly well-known in the competition law field, acting for very large groups including the interchange fees litigation against MasterCard and Visa.

Hausfeld & Co. LLP is a leading disputes-only law firm specialising in competition law, with significant expertise in all aspects of collective redress and group claims. In particular, Hausfeld & Co. LLP has extensive experience in managing litigation against global “Big Tech” companies, including opt-out collective claims such as these.

Geradin Partners has unrivalled expertise on ad tech. Geradin Partners acted for News Corp as the lead complainant in the French Competition Authority investigation that led to the adoption of the French Competition Authority decision. Geradin Partners also represented the European Publishers Council in the CMA’s investigation into Google’s Privacy Sandbox browser changes, and in filing a formal complaint with the European Commission on Google’s ad tech practices in February 2022. Geradin Partners have authored extensively on ad tech and their papers have been cited by the CMA and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

Charles River Associates (or CRA) is a leading provider of antitrust economics advice across the globe. CRA is recognised for rigorous economic and empirical analyses accessible to specialists and non-specialists, before agencies and courts. This firm has extensive experience in developing antitrust theories of harm and estimating damages in the technology sector, and has advised both complainants and agencies in multiple matters involving Google.

Claudio Pollack

Member of Ad Tech Collective Action LLP

Mr Claudio Pollack is a director at Abberton Consulting, a private firm dedicated to providing policy advice, with particular focus on consumer engagement and protection, inclusion and vulnerability, and on competition policy. Before forming Abberton Consulting in 2016, he had accumulated over 10 years’ experience at Ofcom, including six years as Group Director. Mr Pollack is no stranger to regulatory matters, after such extensive, senior experience in both public and private sector roles.

Charles Arthur

Member of Ad Tech Collective Action LLP

Charles Arthur has been a leading technology and science journalist for over 30 years, as Technology Editor of The Guardian from 2005-2014 and Science and Technology Editor at The Independent between 1995 and 2004. In that time, he has covered the rise of Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, Big Tech regulation, the promise of artificial intelligence, and the interaction between polarisation and social media. He is the author of Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the battle for the internet, a book about the business battles in search, music, smartphones, and tablets between the three best-known companies in technology over the past 20 years.

Kate Wellington

Member of Ad Tech Collective Action LLP

Kate is a qualified solicitor and is currently the CEO of the Costs Lawyer Standards Board.  She is also an Independent Member of the Professional Standards Committee of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and an Independent Member of the Validation Committee of the Ombudsman Association. From March 2013 until May 2019, she held various senior legal roles at the consumer group Which? where she led Which?’s policy work in respect of the opt‐out redress aspects of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and was a member of the Government’s Implementation Group for the regime.  More recently, in October 2022, Kate co-founded (and is currently the director of) the Class Representatives Network which provides support for class representatives in collective actions across the UK.

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